Chapter 1 – Action Heroes: Protectors and Warriors

Men communicate through action, not words. A wise woman will appreciate this and will have  acquired the skill to interpret his action-language and  not expect him to become proficient in her verbal- language. “She understands me,” is a phrase he uses when he tries to explain why he loves her.

Also, topics discussed in this chapter and illustrated by case studies are:

  • Men don’t talk, they do. Men express their emotions and intentions through actions.
  • The art of listening. Men need to hear that they are being appreciated.
  • Don’t help a man – he is an action hero. To women it is sociable to help, to men it is a sign
  • of weakness. Helping an supporting have different meanings to men and women.
  • Never ask “why”. It is a vote of no confidence.
  • Women pre-navigate dialogue.
  • Men catch balls, not hints.
  • What happens when you touch a man.
  • Heated arguments are futile
  • How men respond to catfights
  • The Male apology
  • Fighting his battles
  • Heroes never kick the bunny.

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