Chapter 4 – Heroes in Love

This is a tricky one… Men crave seduction, women crave  romance. How can he adore her, if she is not adorable? Dating is not a relationship. At what point does the challenge of conquering her, turn into an expectation? Men are wired to hunt, sparks fly when Achilles alias testosterone meets Aphrodite alias dopamine and his endocrine system is electrified.

Also, topics discussed in this chapter and illustrated by case studies are:

  • Emotions!
  • Different definitions of relationships
  • A relationship implies expectations
  • Too serious, too soon
  • Hero vs Alpha and Omega
  • The dating game
  • Sensual is more sexy
  • Habitats and watering holes
  • Matchmaking
  • Best female buddy
  • Territory
  • Insecurities
  • Remote control behaviour

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