Chapter 8 – The Anti-Hero: Break-up and Divorce

Man-down. Swords are drawn. It is against his nature to attack those he was supposed to protect, so when he does, it exacerbates his experience of being the anti-hero. The woman is deprived of her security and reverts to primal behaviour- she attacks one of the pillars of his existence – the money. Then  comes the collateral damage – suffer the little  children.

Also, topics discussed in this chapter and illustrated by case studies are:

  • Don’t kick the bunny
  • Cheaters
  • Tell her everything
  • Bitter witches
  • Man down
  • Suffer the children
  • Maintenance for children
  • Parenting plans
  • Mrs vs Mrs
  • Weekend Dads and stepfathers
  • Young children, teenagers and young adults
  • Parents who can’t cope with children growing up.

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