Pathological Relationships – Feisty vixens

Feisty vixens

MedusaSome women have the notion that to throw objects at men, break things, scratch cars, break windows, damage his clothes, burn his books, etc is feisty behaviour. It is not feisty, it is not cute and it is not sexy. It is tacky behaviour and it is unlawful.

Just for the record so is breaking and entering, climbing over walls and fences and forcing doors open, even if she did share the house before. So is opening someone’s mail, hacking into their emails, downloading secret tracker devices on phones and cars without the owner’s permission, diverting their calls and messages, and publishing defamatory comments on Facebook. Demanding someone’s attention and actually using violence or force or a weapon such as a tazer gun to enforce it, is unlawful. Pointing a firearm, firing a firearm in a built-up area, and keeping an unlicensed firearm is unlawful. Biting, scratching, hitting, slapping and pushing someone around is assault and unlawful. Chasing someone with a car is unlawful.

Restricting a person’s movements and holding them hostage or locking them up in a place against their will is unlawful. Stealing a car or taking property that does not belong to you, is unlawful. “Donating” his clothes to charity without his permission, is unlawful. Lying under oath and making false accusations is unlawful. Contravening a protection order is unlawful. Now you know. Just in case anyone thought it was acceptable to do this, or that they could get away with it forever. I wish more people would actually prosecute.

Anything one posts on Facebook and Twitter and other social media is considered published and one can be sued for libel, racism, hate speech, etc, which are all unlawful. Even if you just like or repost someone else’s defamatory remark, you can be prosecuted. People do have a right to privacy. Do not publish or tag their photo’s without their permission.

Literally sending hundreds of SMSes’, missed calls, messages and whats-apps is obsessive compulsive behaviour. It is a mental disorder. Calling a current or ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend, his friends, parents, family members, boss and colleagues and spreading defamatory libel is unlawful. Turning up uninvited or “coincidentally” at places he frequents, following him and sitting in a parked car outside his residence or turning up and causing havoc at his place of work or home can constitute harassment and stalking behaviour. Stalking and harassing someone is unlawful. This means there are laws against it. One can be sentenced to jail for several years for it.

Checking his phone, emails and rifling through his cupboards is sneaky. If he wants her to know something he will tell her. Or she can just ask him. If he trusts her and opens his life to her, he will voluntarily share his Facebook profile with her, probably tell her where he goes and whom he meets. Even happily married couples have a right to freedom of movement and privacy. They voluntarily share information, they are not obliged to. Respecting privacy does not necessarily imply keeping secrets from each other.

The above examples are all behaviour I have observed and encountered, executed by women – supposedly normal girls whom men date. This is what one man refers to as his girlfriend “going mental”.

I have also encountered similar behaviour from men, but then I need to add the one incident where the man set the woman’s house on fire. That is unlawful too.

I do not deny that anger, pain and anguish are very real emotions, but no matter what the intensity of those emotions, is does not justify acting-out unlawful behaviour. You are not above the law. Get therapy please, or you may just get a sentence.