Pathological Relationships – Abusive men

From bad to pathological, the incredulous stuff

Certain human emotions lead to dangerous pathological behaviour. Rejection sensitive, insecure, overly dependent, immature, angry, jealous and possessive people are damaged. Damaged people are dangerous. Remember, one cannot expect rational behaviour from an irrational mind. I repeat: Damaged people are dangerous. You cannot fix them. A chemical imbalance in the brain cannot be loved away. They need professional help.

Abusive men

Some men are born with a remote control in their hands instead of a rattle. They honestly still believe that due to their anatomical gender they are ordained to lord it over their women. I met a man who told me he was upset that his girlfriend dared to talk to other people at a dance, without his permission. No girl had ever done that to him before, he assured me. She had to keep eye contact with him when they went out for dinner and if her eyes strayed, he would call her a whore. His inferiority complex actually marched into a room ahead of him and announced him. She asked me if I thought there was something wrong with him. Run, baby, run. Some women tend to think if she loves him enough, he may change. If he does not love himself enough to be a true hero, then your love is not enough, sweetheart.

Some men tend to think that if they are right, everybody else is wrong. Again, recall my example if the world was filled with billions of clones of YOU, it would be a very boring place. These men insist on arguing and raising their voices, until everybody else in the company finally keeps quiet. They are not keeping quiet because they agree with you, they are keeping quiet because they realise the absolute futility of talking to you. Go home.

Even other men regard these men as obnoxious jerks. The jerks then fall victim to the “betrayal” syndrome. His friends did not betray him, they left because they had enough of an arrogant know-it-all twit. This is often also the same guy whose girlfriend left him “in his darkest hour” which should read “his foulest mood.”

The above are usually also the men who feel they can only solve a disagreement, or get people to do what they want them to do, by threats and violence. Men are aggressive by nature, but if they cannot control their tempers, they are in the same league as those emotionally out of control women who cut their wrists every time they don’t get what they want. These men are usually cowards among true heroes. Violence, cruelty and bullying are not characteristic of a true hero. Men do not have to be macho tough to be heroes.