Virile Heroes – Impotency


As men mature, their virility is still very important to them, but they realise their health is important too. Women are not so concerned if he fails to rise to the occasion in bed now and then. It may be mortifying to men, but it is not to the women. Women know what it feels like to be too tired. Anyway there are other ways to make her happy or just cuddle. What would raise her concern is when the state of his general health or his negligence in taking care of himself, is the cause of his lack of libido. If he does not manage his stress levels it can lead to ulcers, diabetes, heart attacks or strokes. That is very serious to her.

When the mind or body is under stress, it releases the cheetahs – adrenalin – to produce glucose as fuel. However adrenalin is a short term solution. If the stressful events are prolonged and severe, the adrenals release the wild dogs – cortisol. Cortisol is a catabolic steroid, which counters the effects of the anabolic steroid testosterone and it inhibits the production of sperm. Like a pack of greedy, hungry wild dogs, it attacks the body in its crazed need for fuel. It converts muscles into amino acids, breaks glycogen down into glucose and fat cells into free fatty acids. Where as it will at first increase arousal, it will soon enough attack the immune system and cause an all systems break-down. Libido is not just a sexual energy. It is an elixir.

Quite often men downplay serious health issues due to their egos. They refuse to visit psychologists, urologists, cardiologists and neurologists. Don’t be stupid! Would you want your wife to be obstinate and refuse to visit an oncologist when she has been diagnosed with breast cancer?


It is true that men are initially physically attracted to what they see. However, they also agree a sustainable relationship does not depend solely upon physical appearance. A woman too preoccupied with her own body and beauty will lose her man as she is paying too much attention to her body and not to him. On the other hand a woman who neglects her own body is also not attractive, for she may neglect him too. It is true that most men are not attracted to overweight girls, but most of them are also reasonable. They don’t all expect the women to look like models. They are not that concerned with every blemish or centimetre of cellulite, as long as there is fun in bed. Remember the actor who said there are many beautiful girls but very few interesting girls. Men do not want to be embarrassed by the women at their side, just as women want to be proud of their heroes.

The stereotypical “men are just interested in a woman’s looks”, is as false as the saying that women are just interested in a man’s money. Some very affluent men also happen to be very interesting, intelligent and sexy and it may just be these attributes that attract interesting women to them, and not just their money. It may be that their determination, shrewd business sense, hard work, ethics, wit and strategic thinking that enabled them to make that money, also make them attractive to like-minded women. Some people attach a high premium to physical looks, others attach more value to materialism and others appreciate intellect or humour. Attraction is ideosyncratic. So is sexual chemistry. Overweight women with panache and confidence may not be as beautiful as their skinny superficial sisters, but they are often more attractive. (By the way, not all skinny, beautiful girls are superficial.)

Last word on the virile Hero. One man explained to me how he feels when he makes love to his wife. “I am standing in front of her, stripped of my armour, naked with only my manhood to defend my honour. I am vulnerable. She can castrate and destroy me in an instant with a look or a word. I take the risk because I desire her. And I desire that she desires me, as I desire her. I need to see it in her eyes, feel it in her touch, on her breath, her voice, the essence of her body. If she reciprocates my desire, I feel nurtured, invigorated
and my energy is regenerated. I am a man. I will do anything for her, grant her every wish and I will protect her. When I feel loved, as expressed by the physical act of love, I open up and I want to talk to her, share with her and dream with her. Making love to the woman you love, is not just a physical act. It is a spiritual experience, giving meaning to manhood.” Wow.

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